Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Truth

So I had a friend tell me today that they sohuld trust em wehn i say im ok, and i thought aobut that for jsut a mint and i though how messed up that was. Not the fact that she is trying to trust me but that she is trusting me. For thos of you who know me you owuld know i have trust ishues i like to be privet nad kepe things to my self and trusting people well that is wiked hard for me to do. To the piont of if there i s eomtihng whare some one needs to be cared i will carey the other perosn even if there bigger then me. Witch bringds me to this am i truly lvoing and cna i truly be part of the body with out bing albe to trust others adn not lieing tp poeple

Lets take this one at a time im going ith the lieing one first. Ok ill admit it i have a nasty habbit of lieing. I relay do i lie aobut thins and i also lie most often aobt how i am. Lieing is devievig so oyu cna call me a dicever (im telling you allthis so know one thinks i ma trying to condam thne and call the wrath of God on thme couse sister/brother im in the same sitnkin boat as you and im sink jsut as quick or quiker thne you) The thing is Jesus sadi "LEt you're yes be yes and you;re no be no" hes saying man dont lie. But why waht is the big probluj with a lie ever oence in a while? See the problum i think isnt the lie its self but waht it des to us. Some lies like my oh so consten hiow im doing one shows the inscurity of a peorn (what did i just realy call my self inscure.. stinkin) and there untrusting nature(wow im being pritty brutal with me tongiht) See when you lie aoubt how oyu;re doign your not trusting someone to have compasint and love and if youre me no litlte pitty party for you. And that can cosue a brake down with the body. (well get bakc ot this latter) and the other one it kills you;ere heart. See God wants us tobe blamles sand pure as He is (no he isnt saying tyou ahve to be perfect) He is saying though i want you to look at my son and use Him as an example. See have you ever heard the wolf story you knw the litlte boy who cried walf adn di it so meany tiem when it wants true that people didnt bleve him nad thne there awa s wolf adn well tunk for the kid he was dinner. Its the same thing God sayisns for my body to wokr people have to know that when you say no i dindt stell the cookies that you;e word is good that when you say yes i did this thy dont ahve to go chek and make sure. See its that God whean us to work in harminy and if you look at soemone and dont know if there word is good thne my finred what are you goignot do aobut it. What are you goignto do when you are that perons (stink thats me)

Ok and thne there trust ishues Se soem of us(cough me cough) have probllums with trsign peole. No matter how meany times people prove thme self s yto use we jsut cant trst them. THsi si hart ishue see the thing is it isnt a problum wit that perons but with you;te heart. MAbby its that you feall oyu ahve to doit to protect you;re self, or mabby people ahve let you donw befor, you'vee bene hert to much What ever it is its a heart ishue. See the thing is though not trstuing people leads to alot of problums. If you dont trsut soemone and so you ohld everinth in you will self implod emtional. (stimnk stink stink) Ill give itt to you like tihs. Ok its moivng day moving into a nice new aparment and you;re firned coemse over to hlep but you ahve trust ishues(i know no one has trust ishues so jsut imagin with me for the samek of my sanity) so you ownt let him well you hve to clim 3flight sf starts to get to you're aparment. SO in not trusting you;re frined to hlep you do it all on oyu;re own you climp the stars and one time you are geitng tired but you take 3 pockes with you well you;re at about the second floor adn you miss the stpep you start faling bkac worksds ther are dishing brake ing adn faling everware you;e head jsut got cre op ouch that was jsuy uou;re noze brkeing ther wen y you arms you here the ambulence sireind now ahhhhhhh cridical condtion. Some of you are sting ther goigny ou are an ideat that woudl enver happen. Hay gues what that is waht is hapending with you;re emtions you are caring boxa fter box after box adn you miss a step and cosue yuahve no one to cech you no one to hlep you you start falnga dn you dont sut fall you fallh hard. THe thing si we are abody and when one boady part says i cna do it al on my own it dons twork im sorry but you;re finger jstu cany smell nad you;re ear it realy donst tast food that grate and that foodt of you;re dosnt realy ahve na y siht waht so ever. You ahve perpose buty if you trsut on one els to do theres then thers a rpblum.

So some of you are stintg there goign kid you;re an ideat. You know waht i have the adasity to say tonhigh no im not the thing is some of you might be laughing at this goign ha ha peopl hwo do that are ideats. Well guess what ill beat you i cna find at lest one area in you;re life whare yu lie all he tiem. Wethat irs aoubt you, or ou;re firnds, or you;re family or waht ever els. Guys tihs is a batle one that we ahve to hit head on its easy to lie and it hurts to tell the truth. IT realy cna. Some itmes telling the truth wil get you in toruble some items it will mean you have to open up oyu;re heart and other tiems it means that you ahve to trsut. Lieing is easy truth is ahrd. THe things ifor us to prok together for us to be the comunity God desssinged us to be the people he wants is to be. We got to work on this. We are rusitng out the gears dn braking the bons bcoseu we are so scared of bieng hurt and so scared that peole wil see begin the mask and see we are flowed. If you are scared of that elt me tell you soemntihg you arnt alone ever one is imperfect and if you realy are that hard presed to find soemone who is imperfect coem talk to me cna tlka houres on end aobut my imptrefeciotn. Guy this who lieng thins thigs hoel protecitng our self is not worth the pain it has cosuesd us it never will be. Liugin isnt simpley a head ishues it cna be a heart ishue. Dealing with the inscurity of who wr are bieg scared of bbieng hrut. Adn mabby its time we open the cna of worms and start taing of that amks and leting the lies drop to the floor like flies and let soemone see beighnd them. Truth is a am a lier.... Truth is im not perfect....Truth is i wont you to tihnk iam.....Truth is i coudl tel lyou i am grate nad dandy ever sing fday of my life.....Truth is im broken ....Truth is ia need hlepwith the addiciotn of lieing and leting epolpe boelve a fasad....Truth is i need hlep. Am i realy that alone in this?