Sunday, February 14, 2010


I wont apoligs for not wrighting in a long while i care not to draw out a stor aoubt it or even alberat on why.. Truth is i simpley have no time. If you need more thne that then ask me.

I asked a frined a question today as she started sorting through the stacks of colliger infermation she needed now to narow donwn. I asked to do oyu feal calleld to be in ministry. I new the answer beofr she siad it but i also know how she woudl resoponds. Well im not good with people im not thins im not that so no. The problum was that wasnt my quesiton. I aksed her if she felt a call not if she thought shw as a equped for it.

My frind demistrates soetinh that hppanes all the time. We telll our selfs we arnt being called to something simpley beocuse we do not feal equiped. And the truth of the matter is. If God is calling you to it He willequip you for it. But Dani you dont get it God is claling to me to crazy stuff He want s me to fly across the world and eat worm and tlak in a tong i never have beofr and dani dont learn forin langiges well. Well my friend im gladd you brought that up i would like to share with you some things i think you sohuld know, or a sapos people you souhld knnow.

First Moses. Yes yes Moses diivers the people formt he promis land. But lets look alittle dipper. Moses wasnt even part of pharso real family. And the people who he actul was born from tunred agenst him becosue he got the royeal tremamet. Not menchin he was an out cast from pharo after he killed a solder diffending a slave. Then he goes to live the simple life in the wilderness. That all fine and dandy til la burn bush that isnt relay burning tell him to welll her let em just play this out for you insted
Hay moses
Waht the camil
Dotnb e scared, jsut tkae a deep breath, its me God
Um i uh um uh ui just i uh
You know God of iseral
Yha i un
Well ok i know you knw who i ma so imj sut goignot go on
Well but i uh
Heres the deal you knwo my peole te isrelats and your botheres and sister well there being opressed and im not to kean on that and theve benen praying adn its time for them to be done with all this.
um i uh uha
Andi wna toyu to go toalk to pharo you knwo no biggy and tlel hm to well leet my people go
Butttttn GGGGod IIII weLLLLL i uh kinDDDDa SSSSSStuter.
Um Moses Im God hellllllllllllooooooo
WELLL buuuuut i CCCCCCCant
Moses im God woudnt clalyou if i didnt think you could

Ok now that not exxacly or realy how it went. But the piont is God is usieng Moses the Guy who stuters to speack throguh to a hole Nation. A NATION.

Next on the list Saul turn Paul. Well now lets ee. He was a well how do i put this iwth out stepppung on any toes a Chrsitne killer. He went aroudn and kileld christne s for there relligion. But you know all thos books in the bible like ther eltter to the Romans or the churhc in Ephesion or what ever els. Yeah well Saul turn Paul wrought thos. So God used aChrsuten killer tunred him aroudn and maid hima hug influnece for GOd ok.

And my last exmpy and i asum my least favrit is me. Im just goignto though this litlte peace of iriony out there. Ok God is useing me to wright a blog. Wow dani ironc. no it gets better. Im 17. Ok a little more intresting. Wait there mroe. Im dyslexic. Ha hA wait waht. Yeah like you didnt already think soemitnhg was messed up. Ok so wait let me get this striagh God is usieng a 17 yearold who has trouble spelling to wright a BLog. Um yep that how it is. IRonnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Ok so what s the piont of all of this. I jsut gave you 3 of the countless exampleys of people God has used to do what He wanted done. Adn thease arnt jsut people thease are people who i cna beat and in my case garinty did not boelve they were equoiped for the job. The funny thing is God knew they were and He used them. And in Moses and Pauls case o change history.

So i have a quesoint. Can you Gods mind? How cna you thne say i ma not equiped ofr this. Being equiped isnt about what o think your abilitys are but wht abilties God ahs put in oyu. Adn the ttuth of the mater is only God knwo what all of thos abilitys are. If we sit aroudn and let what we rhink we are equiped to do dicatat our lives thenw e will never acomplish aytihng. But if we alow God to dicatet what we are equiped for then we have the ability to do grate tihngs. If God is claling you to it He will equip oyu for it. What is He claling you to?