Wednesday, February 16, 2011

“Well fellas its been a pleaser eating with you. But I have pations to attend to” Without mission a beat Jillion gives me a disheartened look.
“You didn’t live easting with me?” Jillion sadly proclaims.
“I uh I never said that” I give a half hearted smirk and depart before Jillion can say another word. The hot sun feels nice agents my back warming me back up after the cold shower I unwillingly took. Half way to the med tent I hear footsteps fast approaching me from behind. I was trained to never look back always look ahead but know exactly where the person is come from. 20 feet, 15 feet, there steps were consistent and light, 10 feet, there intend target is me, 5 feet. Just as my attacker believes I am in reach I take two swift steps to the side. My attacker collapse to the ground unaware of how they got from perfect attack to face first on the ground.
“You can’t sneak up on a solder you should know better than that” I look down at the mess of a person that now lays on the ground. “Give me your hand” As the attacker turn over and looks at me I recognize them emideltly.
“Jillion. What do you think you are doing?” Jillion grapes on to my out stretched hand as I yank her of the ground.
“I was trying to sneak up on you” Jillion began brushing herself of. I shake my head in disbelief
“Running is not the best way to sneak up on people you know” I gestured to a few spots Jillion had missed in whipping herself of
“I know” Jillion replied as if I was scolding her.
“Now come one you need those cuts cleanse up. Your clumsiness just errand you a spot in the medical tent” I wave my hand toward the medical tent as Jillion investigates the cuts on her arms.
“Its not my fault that you can’t be snuck up on” Jillion draggs her feet fallowing me to the medical tent.

The cool breeze came in from the ocean and hit softly agents my face. The night had been perfect. Now I leaning agents my bike waiting for Amanda to come back from another trip to the bathroom. The ocean waves maid a steady beat as they hit time after time agents the shore line. I heard soft footsteps approaching me from behind. They were careful to not making too much noise. I could hear them placing their foot partially down then lifting it due to the noise it would create. The soft footsteps only maid half noses as they grew closer. They were gentle and it only took listening to a few steps for me to know who my attacker was. The footsteps stopped and I felt Amanda’s body collide agents’ mine as her arms wrapped around my neck
“You didn’t jump” Amanda disappointedly said I turned round to face her.
“I’m sorry it’s kind of hard to scare me” I gave her a half smile. Amanda looked at me smiling some so the moon light sparkled of her eyes.
“I beat I can surprise you” Amanda almost sang.
“Oh really” I raised my eyebrows calinging what she thought was an easy task. “How do you plane on” Before I could finish my sentence Amanda answered the question I hadn’t even finished asking. She leaned over my bike standing on her tip toes and softly kissed my check. My face suddenly felt on fire and color rivaled the redness of the back of a man who didn’t put on sun screen and fell asleep in the hot summer sun for five horse.
“So I might not be able to scare you, but I sure can surprise you.” Amanda smiled widely at what she had done. I tried with all my might to turn my face back to its normal color.
“I um” I cleared my throught tying to regain any composer I had. “Why don’t you get your helmet on” I passed Amanda her helmet slipped mine on We both slid on to the bike Amanda gentle griped round me as we took off.

“Nurse Karen “ I walk into the bussing medical tent. “Do you think you could clean up Copral Jillion” I hear the sigh from behind me. “Do you have a problem with that Copral?” Jillions antics are getting tiring and my pations for her as all but gone.
“Its just I was hoping to have you take a look at them thats all” I turn facing Jillion this game has to end now.
“I have patents to attend to. Ones who got hurt in battle, not tripping on gravel. So you are being left in the overly capable hands oh Nurse Karen” I turn away from Jillion heading to my patients. I hear her grumbling as she sites on the bed watching me walk away

I pulled in to Amanda’s apartment complex parking my bike. I throw down the kick stand wall turning of the engine. Amanda kept her arms wrapped around me a little longer then she truly had to before she slid of standing in front of me her helmet still bobbing on her head. I gently reached my hand under and undid the strap lifting the helmet of her head.
“There you are safe and sound” I only lifted the visor to my helmet smiling at Amanda.
“Thank you for a great night Taylor” Amanda flashed me a full smile all her teeth shining. “How can I ever repay you?”
“Go out with me agene some times” I spoke before I could think about what I had said. It was now Amanda’s turn for her face to turn red.
“I would love that” Amanda turned away from me her still wet hair swishing swiftly from side to side as I watched her walk away

I stand in the middle of the medical tent updating patent charts.
“Taylor” a small soft voice calls my name gently tapping my shoulder. I turn only to see Jillion looking down uncomfortably. “Do you think we could talk about side” Jillion kept her head down acting like a child who was going to be taken out back and wiped.
“Fine” I gestured toward the door and fallow Jillion out and around the door to an empty path between tents. “What is going on Jillion” She finally picks up her eyes looking at me.
“I’m sorry about earlier. I didn’t mean to annoy you” She specks soft and slow. “It’s just your so nice and I kind of like you” Kind of seemed to be a bit of an understatement
“Jillion you know I’m engaged and you know that’s not appropriate at all” I cross my arms agents’ my chest to tell her there is no chance .
“I know I just I just wanted you to know.” Jillion gives me a week smile. “I’m sorry” Jillion sadly looks at me extending her arms. I step forward letting Jillion slid her arms acwerdly around me as I place one arm around her body allowing her to fit awkwardly in my arms. Jillion snuggles in to me and squeezes as I drop my arms from around her. Jillion lifts her head away for me and gives me the look that means I want to kiss you. Jillion raises herself on her tip toes.
“Jillion no. We talked about this its not going to happen” I break loose from Jillion tarring myself away from what was almost a vipers kiss.

I sat on my bike thinking only of the night I had just had. Amanda helmet still in my hand. I slowly got of my bike attaching the now extra helmet to my bike. As I started to latch the helmet on I noted the wet back pack that sat atop my bike. I smiled alittle and then it hit me. Amanda’s clothes. I quickly grapped the cell phone out of my pocket dialing Amanda’s number
“Hello” Amanda voice came through sounding a little surprised
“You left your cloths in my back pack” I found myself a little nerves on the phone with Amanda.
“Oh yeah oh man. Do you think you could bring them up for me?” Amanda voice was sweet and gentle.
“Um, yeah sure” I was surprised at her request but I ventured up to her apartment and knocked softly at the door. I was meat by Amanda her hair now tied up in a bum. She still wore my baggy clothes that seemed to barley hang of her body.
“There you are Miss. Amanda cloths deliver” I grinned at Amanda handing her cloths over.
“I do think you are the cutest delivery person I have ever seen” Amanda giggled as my face turned red.
“You know you’re not the only one who can do that right” I said giveing Amanda a devilish look.
“No I’m pretty sure I am” Amanda added a bit of sass to her statement as she took the cloths out of my hands.
“Oh really” I smirked a little wider and then leaned in and softly kissed Amanda on the cheek. I smiled at her as I pulled away “You not the only one who can do that.” Amanda face was bright red as I turned looking over my shoulder and proclaimed “Oh and keep the cloths they look good on you.” I gave Amanda a huge smile as I walked away having given an Angle a kiss.

My feet pound agents the gravel as I angrily head back to the medical tent. The sun betting down on my already hot head. War is fifty percent physical and fifty percent mental. They forget to tell you in basic though that when you are diploid you don’t just fight the anomy you fight your own mind to keep your thoughts on the present. And no one ever told me I would have to fight solders that are in my own camp