Monday, August 17, 2009

Shamls Worship

When i was in middle school i ended up (ok my youth paster dragged me into) playing for are youth group band. IT was an asum experinse that ill never forget. I got to play infront of a Winter Camp, i got to play on wesdays and sundays, and alsp got multible optunitys to play infront of the big churhc. THe thing ill rember tohugh more thne that is Reda.

Reda is a girl who is in my little sister grade. A family in the church had adopted her fomr Russia. REda is a sweat heart seh loves and cared. She always has energy she loves dogs.I rember one time are youth pasters wife was reconginsing peope for things she admired in them. And i odnt rember what she said aobut Reda i boelve it was osemitnhg to do with REda could always put a smile on you;re face or someinth likethat. But i rembmer Reda jsut crying. She wasnt ashemed. Reda is also saverly autistic. But ther is soemithng she has i waish i had.

So ever wesday we would get up ther and play musice what ever Aaron had piked out. No matter what was going on thoug there was someihtng that was always garinted it was Reda standingt her and she woudnt dace but she would sway fomr side to side so mithotic almost hipnoticley (is that a word?) IT didnt matter who was standing around her it didnt matter whare she was stadnig she would always sway. She would shamlisley worship God. She was never scared of answer a qustion infront of the group or anything like that. She was shamless in her worship for God.

You know there are people in the Bible who were shamess in ther worship. Daniel neer stoped praying evne when it was out lawed and he was thorugh in a Lions dean He SHAMLESSLEY prayed to God. He didnt care who heard he was SHAMLESS. Me shak rad shak and abendigo (atlest thos are ther names or the veggie tale version of ther names) were SHAMLESS In worshiping God by diney idels. THey resuded to bow donw adn didnt care who new. THe SHAMLESLEY gave them selfs to God and wroshiped sHAMLESSLEy

Some of me wonder waht would happen if we SHAMLESSLEY worshiped. Sitting infront of big churhc adn playing my guitars it funny to see people worship some are so scred and other are putting it all out there. I woudner what i churhc owudl be like that woudnt care wether stood or sat or neald or anythin. I wounder if that the churhc whare God s wil nca trule be done. I tihnk to surender outr slefs to God we need to shamlessley worship we need to not care what peope think when we get doen with God and start crying. Whne we starting rasing our hand s upove our heads cosue we have this undinaiable diser to love God. What if we dancer os swaid in the eles becoeus when we felt close to God. I tihnk the wrold distracts us far to much fomr God and we have alourd it to even controml our owrishp cosue we hace the selfish diserv of looking good infonrt of our finrds oure pers (please dont tel me im alone in this) MAbby its time that chenges and we shemlesley start to worship

I will never forget REda nad i also wil never forget waht are musice directer PAstor Ann once said befor we went outnon stage. "You arnt playing for thme youre not playing ofr the people out ther you're playing for God and him alone" What if worship was no lgoer aoubt looking good looking all to geth or loking like we were close to God waht if it was aobut getting clsoe to God and not careing what any one and ever one though of us mabby its time for SHAMLESS WRORSHIP

Friday, July 31, 2009

Being a Kid

Its funny we make the simpleist thing in the worldthe most complicated thing ever. See I itnhk we make God more complicated then he actuly is. IS it reakly that we arnt working ahrd uniuf to concet with God. Is it realy that Gods love ahs concatensions? Is it realy the fact that God has rules and things we must do. Or is it that some whare along the way we tried to make God human and in the prosses we made me so complicated that we lost who God is? Was it realy God pulling away or was it us making Him so compliated we pulled away.

I love the frase “child like faith”. Kids drawing I think is the most beautiful art ever. The thing is there so creative. The draw what they see, but the draw it there way. If they think the fground I blue then that’s what they draw. They don’t care what is thought of thme because of that. They draw what they see as beutful. Some whatre alone the line we loose that some what re along the line we forget that. And a childs love. If any one has aever picked up a crying kid who was just hurt and help thme wall the grapped you around you’re kneeckand they cryed in ur arms. Oh man that that I tkn is one of thos sifght and feallins I will never get tired of fealing. But some wahtre aog the line someone told us that crying was for little kids and that we had to be tuff that we shoudnt cry becosue where big girls and boys whp don’t need to hurt. SO some what we lost that the openis of children. Have you ever seen a child dothe stupid things jumping bieks, jumping out of tress, the things that we now deam stupid and idotic but to thme are the exiting things. I have scares all over em formthos things. Or evern plying imaginar. Oh my have you ever had a little kid pull you over for a tee part or event to show you what they have made up what they have plane out in there head. The imagination everinthg of children someno wahtre we lost that all. A childs love have you ever exprinssed that when the smile art you when they have this love tht thell be mad at you and two mintes latter love you no matter what. And fiath nand trust have you ever listen to a lidl kid whos pairnt left. No dad/mom will come back thell come back. They are relentless they don’t give up the always have fiath. Some whare somhom we lost that we were hurt and we lost that. We lost it all.

You know in Bible times and still now children were looked and are looked down apun. As humans we learn nothing fomr who have nothing to offer. I don’t think that is true. I think children can help lead us backto this God we lsot so long ago this God we almost think we need to jump though hoops for that’s love we some how maid sonditional. Some one we have to reach for instedd of Him touching us.

A childs imagination is amsing its simple and yet its like walking in through the wordrrop in the line the witch nad the wordrop. WE end up in a plave we never though otf one we never dreamed off. One that we cnat conmprhend. See this world is almost magical and yet so beutifu;. I think we try to oftn to put God in a box. We have little imagination andso we put God in this boc that we see he can fit in. The thing is He dsont fit there WE take away chariteristics of him by doing that We take away His essince what He is and can be and we make him to this thing we ca imagin we can make fit us. The thing is its not God who is meiisng a pieace its us and God s the one to fit it we cnat make him t way we ant him or He wont do what he is sopos to do . And we stoped that not Him we did. We have taken this God who made aunivers and put Him into soemtihng we wanted witch donst worck Thats not who God is.

Going bkac ot children and stupid things they do. See God He askes us to do what we think are crazy things. THigns tha tare stapping out of our confert zone, but the ithng is we can learn form Children. There fearless ness for new experinces. They boelve they can fly, and sometime that just what God aske s u pto boleve. I mena He asked Peter to tlwalk on whater. The diffrnetce is we arnt invincible Childran almost alwaysthink they are see we arnt but the God we serve well He is. He we have this irrational fear of give up control. You ever sen a child do what mommy and daddy told thme to do see that, that is givineg up control. Sayig you know better then me mommy and daddy ill go do it. Whare in the sitnkin world did we losoe that cosue we tlel God al lthe tiem no God I know better then you and oyu know what that’s not true. See the thing is thos two combing a fearless and a give up of control are a deadly combo for the devil. If we stop getting scare dso msuch of what God is goingot dowith us and instead we giv eupp control that is the compo of Christnans who change the world change ther cies change ther churches.

Children are funny whe n it oces to love. Oje mint achild is saying you are a dumb dumb I hate you. And then net ther huggin oyu aroeudn the neck and kissing you on the check. See that’s the thing ther love is uncondintinal. What if we had unconditnale lover. WE think to ouer slef all the tiem I cnat love thme beocues……. There this or that or couse im scare of getting hurt. You put smoeithng in the blank. But I can tlel you soetinhg the purist love is the one that sunconidnalt the one that say I don’t care what you look likei don’t care if ill get hurt I don’t care youre race I don’t care how you dress I don’t care anything. See children are funny whent hey love once they love you they love you. There the ones who want you to uck tnhe oin at night just so they vna get that last hug. What if we longed to be able to love ever one. To love always. See that is a deadly combo for thos who wnatt to slam Christan when you thorugh words of hate at some one nad they return it with lover the Bible says theat burnging coles on ther head. What if we stoped orur love with rues and loved unconditionally?

One ihn I hanvet talked aoubt yet is shamless ness and opness of Children. See when yo were little you dint car eaht people though. My older sister newly married when she was little dimand to be called princess Jasmin, her name is ashly. I had asoccer couch once who whne they were little mother let thme go to the bust stop to pick up there siblings with out a shirt on. Her name is Mary. When I was ltlte and was asked what I wanted to be whe I grew up I sad a boy. I have seens grown out of that. The point is all thease crazy storys is that cihldrne don’t car ehwat peoapl think of thme. THell walk out fo th e house ina rian cout and flip flops with striped pains that lime green and think there the cutest thing ever. Some whare though people stated telling us to grow up so we started careing what they though. I;ve learnds omthig I to some poel am offensive see I don’t dress normal to thme I don’t do what they want. This relatinship we have to some is offensive. The croos to some is offensive. And we get scared so we hide it we hid the raltinsihp we have th our Creater nad we loose someinthg. Shamless what if we had shamless fiath in God. WE didn’t care if peole though we were crazy or told us we were ideats But we jut boelved. See shamless fiath is death sentince for thos who want to tell us God isn’t there.

So Children teach us how to kill thos who hate us. No no im just mesisng. But do oyu get it Children ithnk some tiems get what we don’t oaobut God. I was at a retreet with my churc and a paster said him and his wife had tlakth ther young sung to pray dna one night they ahd hHim pray and ther sun prayed “um mommy um daddy um pizzzzzza” They beuty is in the ismplisity. Children understand that God isn’t complicated. God isn’t this thing that is so far away and who has so meany ruels we cnat keep up. The sim[plisity of children inthk unlookes osme of the things we have lost in God. When playing soccer a coush wil tlel you a pass back to defender on oyu;re side isn’t a loose. Ever sen a picture that is huger nad need to step back to look at it? See soemtiesm stepping bkac sint bad sometimes we need to look throught diffrnet eyes even a childs for ust o see what were missing. “Let the little children come ot ME” Lets bore hot coels on the heatds od thos who hate us let us kil the decil let us shock thos who are offended by us. Let us turn bkac to childhood.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Truth

So I had a friend tell me today that they sohuld trust em wehn i say im ok, and i thought aobut that for jsut a mint and i though how messed up that was. Not the fact that she is trying to trust me but that she is trusting me. For thos of you who know me you owuld know i have trust ishues i like to be privet nad kepe things to my self and trusting people well that is wiked hard for me to do. To the piont of if there i s eomtihng whare some one needs to be cared i will carey the other perosn even if there bigger then me. Witch bringds me to this am i truly lvoing and cna i truly be part of the body with out bing albe to trust others adn not lieing tp poeple

Lets take this one at a time im going ith the lieing one first. Ok ill admit it i have a nasty habbit of lieing. I relay do i lie aobut thins and i also lie most often aobt how i am. Lieing is devievig so oyu cna call me a dicever (im telling you allthis so know one thinks i ma trying to condam thne and call the wrath of God on thme couse sister/brother im in the same sitnkin boat as you and im sink jsut as quick or quiker thne you) The thing is Jesus sadi "LEt you're yes be yes and you;re no be no" hes saying man dont lie. But why waht is the big probluj with a lie ever oence in a while? See the problum i think isnt the lie its self but waht it des to us. Some lies like my oh so consten hiow im doing one shows the inscurity of a peorn (what did i just realy call my self inscure.. stinkin) and there untrusting nature(wow im being pritty brutal with me tongiht) See when you lie aoubt how oyu;re doign your not trusting someone to have compasint and love and if youre me no litlte pitty party for you. And that can cosue a brake down with the body. (well get bakc ot this latter) and the other one it kills you;ere heart. See God wants us tobe blamles sand pure as He is (no he isnt saying tyou ahve to be perfect) He is saying though i want you to look at my son and use Him as an example. See have you ever heard the wolf story you knw the litlte boy who cried walf adn di it so meany tiem when it wants true that people didnt bleve him nad thne there awa s wolf adn well tunk for the kid he was dinner. Its the same thing God sayisns for my body to wokr people have to know that when you say no i dindt stell the cookies that you;e word is good that when you say yes i did this thy dont ahve to go chek and make sure. See its that God whean us to work in harminy and if you look at soemone and dont know if there word is good thne my finred what are you goignot do aobut it. What are you goignto do when you are that perons (stink thats me)

Ok and thne there trust ishues Se soem of us(cough me cough) have probllums with trsign peole. No matter how meany times people prove thme self s yto use we jsut cant trst them. THsi si hart ishue see the thing is it isnt a problum wit that perons but with you;te heart. MAbby its that you feall oyu ahve to doit to protect you;re self, or mabby people ahve let you donw befor, you'vee bene hert to much What ever it is its a heart ishue. See the thing is though not trstuing people leads to alot of problums. If you dont trsut soemone and so you ohld everinth in you will self implod emtional. (stimnk stink stink) Ill give itt to you like tihs. Ok its moivng day moving into a nice new aparment and you;re firned coemse over to hlep but you ahve trust ishues(i know no one has trust ishues so jsut imagin with me for the samek of my sanity) so you ownt let him well you hve to clim 3flight sf starts to get to you're aparment. SO in not trusting you;re frined to hlep you do it all on oyu;re own you climp the stars and one time you are geitng tired but you take 3 pockes with you well you;re at about the second floor adn you miss the stpep you start faling bkac worksds ther are dishing brake ing adn faling everware you;e head jsut got cre op ouch that was jsuy uou;re noze brkeing ther wen y you arms you here the ambulence sireind now ahhhhhhh cridical condtion. Some of you are sting ther goigny ou are an ideat that woudl enver happen. Hay gues what that is waht is hapending with you;re emtions you are caring boxa fter box after box adn you miss a step and cosue yuahve no one to cech you no one to hlep you you start falnga dn you dont sut fall you fallh hard. THe thing si we are abody and when one boady part says i cna do it al on my own it dons twork im sorry but you;re finger jstu cany smell nad you;re ear it realy donst tast food that grate and that foodt of you;re dosnt realy ahve na y siht waht so ever. You ahve perpose buty if you trsut on one els to do theres then thers a rpblum.

So some of you are stintg there goign kid you;re an ideat. You know waht i have the adasity to say tonhigh no im not the thing is some of you might be laughing at this goign ha ha peopl hwo do that are ideats. Well guess what ill beat you i cna find at lest one area in you;re life whare yu lie all he tiem. Wethat irs aoubt you, or ou;re firnds, or you;re family or waht ever els. Guys tihs is a batle one that we ahve to hit head on its easy to lie and it hurts to tell the truth. IT realy cna. Some itmes telling the truth wil get you in toruble some items it will mean you have to open up oyu;re heart and other tiems it means that you ahve to trsut. Lieing is easy truth is ahrd. THe things ifor us to prok together for us to be the comunity God desssinged us to be the people he wants is to be. We got to work on this. We are rusitng out the gears dn braking the bons bcoseu we are so scared of bieng hurt and so scared that peole wil see begin the mask and see we are flowed. If you are scared of that elt me tell you soemntihg you arnt alone ever one is imperfect and if you realy are that hard presed to find soemone who is imperfect coem talk to me cna tlka houres on end aobut my imptrefeciotn. Guy this who lieng thins thigs hoel protecitng our self is not worth the pain it has cosuesd us it never will be. Liugin isnt simpley a head ishues it cna be a heart ishue. Dealing with the inscurity of who wr are bieg scared of bbieng hrut. Adn mabby its time we open the cna of worms and start taing of that amks and leting the lies drop to the floor like flies and let soemone see beighnd them. Truth is a am a lier.... Truth is im not perfect....Truth is i wont you to tihnk iam.....Truth is i coudl tel lyou i am grate nad dandy ever sing fday of my life.....Truth is im broken ....Truth is ia need hlepwith the addiciotn of lieing and leting epolpe boelve a fasad....Truth is i need hlep. Am i realy that alone in this?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Guess things change

Here i am 12 am writing on this blog. Here i am thinking I'm going to write a blog called ware are the Christen and write as i start logging on i know its not what i should write about. I had examples and everything, well another day i guess. I guess this is what is being laid on my heart.

THe rock. The rock is tall the rock is high. But this rock is in the light the sun it feals so nice. It feals good to sit on its confertable. Some of you might now what im tlakinga obut others of you are thinkg you are crazy are you realy starting a blog with the rock. Yes yes i am. I am one who loves pictures i love wheni get images to go with alessiones someonhtig to learn. Any way the rock. I ahve to say i didnt make this one up a frine dof mine did but i love way thi anoligy works. Some of us have lived our hole lifes on the rock. Now you might mbes ainyg ok what is the rock. THe rock my friends is our confert zone. Whare we tell God i can only go thiss far only this far. The rock is ware we are confertable ware we feal saffe ware we cna say hay igot this im ok im safe. The rokc my firned is our confert zone. Whare evertihng in the world is altest going kinda our way and we feal like we fit. ware we feal safe. Some of youi might now what im tlakingaoubt you like fealing confertable. I mena ill be the first to admit i like being confertable and for em one way to make sure im confertable is to be waring my hat. Yes laddys and gentlemin the write of this blog who is way ofver the age for a blankey ahs substituted a blanky for wareing a baseball cap. I littel ware a baseball cap when ever i cna the only itme you wil kech me with out one is when i am at school, in sunday morning service, or at some nice event. I use my hat to hid my face wheni dont want the world to come in. I use tmy hat to remind me im safe. I use my hat to make my self feal ok. To some of you you are saying oh my lanta you are so stinkin lame. Before you say that thoguh think what is you;re confert item what makes you feal safe?

Ok so some of you are thinkg hay whats you;re piont whast wrong with the confert zone.Ok here is the thing with my hat my onfert item is this I have a tendincey to pull it over my face when im tlkaingaoubt my slef i let it hid me so that who ever im tlkaing to cnat tell how much im hurting inside how much this killls me how much i hate this. And that rokc it feals good so good and so warm., but both of thos things are pulling there rath and taking way waht we could experins. See i have this saying I probly picked it up ofmr someone along the line but hers ther htins You ahve the confert zone and thne you got the God zone. THey are completly diffrent THe God zone is not confertalbe the God szone is caoing you to have to jump out of you;re confert zone. See that rok that rock we sit on Is write in the midle of our confert zone. Its write in the dead center and all the water around it is th God zone. Some of us stand on that rokc nad say no its to confertable i dont want o move aka i like being top dog God i want contorl i dont want you to have contorl or I dont know how to swim aka God i dont trust you i dont knw waht ahad and that scares me, but i dont want to trust you or No i itnhk ill hjaust stay hear aka Im a laze bum and could care less what you wnat for me God. Al l of thos are trick things to slide into.

So its to confertable or realy. No God i want control, I cna handle my life. Listne im going to put this in the nices way posible. YOu are a hopless sinner who sohuld be killed. Hum that wasnt very nice, oh well. Listen Im ahopless siner wheo sohuld be kiled you;re a hopless sinner who souhld be killed dude ever one is a hopples siner that sohuld be killed. I odnt care if you;re a stay at home mom or a masmerder. You are a hopless sinner who should be killed. And you you have the guts to say no i got tihs. Man you cant evne save you;re self. YOu do get that iwt hout God you woudnt evne be hear wright? Adn you have the adasity the guts, the idocricey to say No i can do this on my own i dont need you God. What? Ok im goign to lay this out flat no no you cnat do tihs on oyu;re own. You know what doing it on you're own is going to put you? Its going to put you into a hole that you dont know how to get out of. Its going ot put you in the most hurtful place you cna be. Listn listn, you cant do tihs on you;re own you jsut cant. How menay tirm have you said you can do something on you;re own even the simplest things nad you messed up? I know i have done it time and times agen. The thing is we nat do it on our own. And my firned its time for you to get of that rokc and let God have control.

So you cant swim? Aka God Im scared I don't know what you are going to do and what will happen if i jump in that water. Im not sure i trust you. Any way God I'm not good enough Ouch see that one thats the one i struggle with. You know it was the end of my 8th grade year and my parents told me i was moving. I was mad at God and spent my first few mouth her miserable. THen something kinda crazy happened i started getting involved wit my Church , i joined the debate team at my school(don't bash it till you try it) and started getting friends. Now not even half a year latter i find my self involved in my youth group and loving it i find my self spending more and more time at church. You know We might not see ware we're going we might not know, but God does. THe thing is we don't know what is going to happened next we don't know what tomorrow will being, but God does. I know you don't know what will happen if you jump of that rock and i know its the stinking scariest thing in the world to jump of but the thing is you couldn't be in better hands. See nobody lover you more in the hole intier world. He dosn't want to hurt you. THe thing is that you cant be in better hands then in the hands of the Dude who made you. But um hello me yeah write. Mark Hall has an assume testimony. He is the lead singer of the band Casting Crowns and if you haven't herd his testimony there is a link at the bottom of this blog. Any way he has a part in it that He is talking about how he is saying things he's not smart enough to say and that there are days that he is sitting in his office saying " wEll this is it there is some comity in the church meeting write now and there going to come in her and say Brother and you know its bad wen they say brother we don't know what you;re doing and we don't think you know ether. And in those times God reminds me Mark If i had wanted someone els i would have called someone els Now you get up there dyslexic boy and you show the world what i can do with someone one who will let me use them" The thing is God is calling you off that rock with something and he is saying Name here if i had wanted someone one els i would have called some one els. Now yo get up there and show the world what i can do with someone one that will let me use them. Listen If God wanted someone els He would call someone els but hers the deal He is calling you. Not someone els. Its you he wants.

THen ther is the well I am cponfuey up here and i dont relay fell like being unconfertable. So I'm a soccer player. And low and behold im a Goly. Well the summer between 7th and 8th grade year i want to soccer camp at my school. Well we did goaly traing and let me tell you myfrined golay traning hurts like nobodys bisness diving for like 15 minets is not a fun thing to do incase you wanted to know. But you knwo what it paied of that year our team was undefeted and had 3 goals i think scored on us the hole year. Now that isnt due to me at all but when i did touch the ball that traing paid of. The thing is the things that are god for you are never that conftertable sorry ther not. I mnea come on realy if you think aoubt it anyinthg that is good for you huryts. And the thing is yeah it might not be the most conffertable thing in the world to jump of that rock but it is good for you. See its a good thing to let the God of the uivers the God who made you control you;re life. Yeah i know crazy consept write I mena its jsut out of this world. No not realy. But the thing is yeha it mightr be unconfterable a first or foe a long tim but the thing is its good for you its waht God wants to sue you for and His will is way better nth eoyu;re will for you;re life sorry but it is.

You know i dont know what you're exuse is. You might have one i havent talked about. But the thing is i cna garinty you this even if jumping of that rokc is unconfrtable, enve if you are scerd, enve if you dont think you are suted for it even if you tihnk you should be incontorl, you wont regret it. Ok go bakc with me to the time of midle school. Ok 7th grade first retre first camp i have ever ever been to.And i lived in Minssota and it was Feb. Ok so hears the deal By Feb ther is like tons of ice and everthing and its sitnkin frezzing cold. So i was up on the retre our band fomr our youth group was blaying up ther so it was iwked fun. Any way So saterday we are hanign out adn i see this thing the poler dip. Here is what it is the litterly cut a hole in the ice with a chain saw and thn thes two guys drop you in it let you get submerged adn thne yank you out. Thne you run oyu;re butt of to the sona so you dont die. Any way i discided i wnated to do it. It was scarey it was cold and oh my lant runing to the sona i felt like my feet might be bledding i was cold. Well I did it the next year i was up there. And guess what i will never ever regret i. It was unconfterable at the time but looking bakc i am so stinki glad i jumped off the ice and into the frezzing cold watter. Guys im not saying the water around this rock is nice and cosey, It could be i dont know. But for soem of us it si goingot e frezzing cold and were scared. Listne toguh once you jump off when the experinse is all done and over with you iwll not regret jumping of that rock. THe thing is when you get out of you;re conffert zone and into the God zone you are giving God the chance to use you you are alowing you;re self to fully dipend on Him adn you are letting Him have the rains and that is the best sdison of you;re life.

I'm scared out of my mind write now. i;m goingot tel lyou the truth. Write now i have God calling me off that rock and calling me to do someinth that i am scared todeath of doing. THat i am scareder thne scared of doing. THinking of it mkaes mty stomic tunr nad me want o jsut crnak up the musice louder so i odnt have to think aoubt it. The thing is i jut i have to jump. My name is on that rock and you knwo i have a firned hw isnt letting me stay up there any longer. THe thing is you guys im scared im so stinkin scared ubt i knw i got to jump i have to jump. God is calling you, He might call you to change the world, help the homples, to feed the hungrey, mbe a missionary, to start a Bible studey, to speak infornt of a group of people, to be loud aobut you;re faith, to tlakto the odl lady across the street, to give you;re tiem, i odnt knw what he is calling you to, all i know is that God is calling you. And my friends its time we all stop sitting on the rock and its itme WE JUMP.

Friday, March 13, 2009

I Just want to be a Super Hero

Yes the cape, the tights and the fame and glory, the secret idenity. I jsut want ot be super hero. Batman, suber man, suber woman, spider man, gren lantern, x-men, wolvering, the justis leage, the incredible, i want to be a part of them. I want o saver the world and still be albe t go to work in the morning. I want to look perfect in an imprefect socity. I want to stop tdistruction nad pain fomr happing and only crumble to criptinit.

I was talking ot a finred otnight and i saide someinthg with out tihnking. (i know big shock tlkaing to afrined nad not tihnking wow) And i siad We all wanted to be a super Hero at soem piont in time or someitnhg like that who knows. Adn after i said it i tohugh aoubt it and it is so true. I have thi s joke if some one tells me to get sleep i say Some one has to savce to save the world and it's my night job. But how meany of us ahve made out slefs super Heros. Well i gues to answer the qusiton you're gona need to knwo waht i eman by a suber hero so lets talk (oh snap dani wants to talk)

THere are two types of super heros. THe first one is soemihn that i tinhk alout of us are have or will strugul with. THe god super hero. I was talking to a friend (Yes my mom dsiced to pay my fnireds this week how nice of her) and she was saying how we try to make a god out of our self. ADn my frined we do. How menay time has soemtinhg hgone well and you ahve gone ooooo i did that. OR oh man that was all me baby alll me. Hoew emant times have you bene ahvein a relay realy good day adn gone i got it going on i got it going on bo yaaaaaaa. Dude ill rase my hand man to meany stink times for em to count. We piont to our slefs when it is all goingogood and said i made it good i maid it. IM A SUPER HERO.

The second super hero. I can do it all. I dont ened any one. I cna do it all alone. I cna handle it all. I've got it. YOu knwo wahtim tlkaing aobut you know thos times you took on to much. THos tiems that you dined help when all you need was it. THe itme you put on that amks and told ever oen that you were perfect beocen hay im a super Hero i dont need any one. I'm storng unuf i cna do it i can do it on my onw. How meany of you ahve ben ther how meany of you have done that. HAy im rasin my hadn. Ican handle the wait of the world all on my own I mena I AM A SUPER HERO.

Ifyou jump of a building you will fall to the ground. IF you try to kech an astrod falling to the erath you iwll die. IF you try to ru nacross water you will sink. IF you try ot cluimp up a walll i hope you like scraps and cuts on you're self/ IF you try to take on a trin so it ownt go of the trak wall the trian will win. IF you try to pick up a tree im sorry you cnat. If you try to fly you';re feet will hit the ground quickly after. If you try to use x-ray viosion well people are going to ask why you are staring at them. MY FRIEND YOU ARNT A SUPER HERO. I'll let you in on a secret no humman is a super hero.

Lets tlakaoubt the first super hero the humman god super hero. If oyu are god thne ther is no god befor you so that means that you are all powerful that you are all might you are the highest bieng. OK so what hpapens when life stinks on ice its on you. What hpapens wehn you ahd the worstr day ever forget stuff at hoe get spedding ticket and then burn dinner thats on you. Woops you let a sware word out at a techer that on oyu. If you are taking credit forth egood be ready to tkae credit for the bad. I got a quisont you go stnad at the top of a hill or mountin that over looks anytihng did you make that? Now listn the earth if it was jsuta few miles closer to the sun would be inahabbitable to life did you do that? No. Humans we are scared to death to dipend on anyone or anything els. You want toknow why people ares scerd of hight cosue htey are scared of fallin it's not hights any one is scared of it's the fact the could fall. You garinty there saftey 100 they wont be scared, but we dont trsut eachother unuf to think our safty will be garinted. If we are god thne hay i dont ahve to dipendon any one and if someinthg goes good sweat its on me. Listen listne close we arnt God, were nothing compared to him. You rember when you were realy little and a thunderstorm woke you up at night, im not tlaking little thunderstorms im tlaking like with hail adn this is like tornado allie thunderstors big bad boooming thunder lighting ever 5 secons hail the big storm, yeha you rember being scared of that. Ok now tell me you ithnk you are bigger thne the God who control that storm.Oh ok thats totly logical. Ok im not the smartest perosn in the world, but hello hwat in the stinkin world are you think. THere is a dude, God up ther contorling that storm nad we have the guts the adasty to say i am god. What are we think?

Ok let tlakaoubt tihs. I cna do it all on my own, i got it i got it. Ok so i was in 7th grade im wlaking down the hall way jsut talkin with a frined all of the sudden im laying flat on my back note books scaderd ever ware. A 8th grader and slammed into as he was running as iquikcly gather all my stuff an uper class men a senore offer se his hadn. But i got iths i didnt take the hadn i didnt tkae the help. I got tihs I Can do tihs "IT is not good for man to be alone" God said that God ther creter of the univers siad it is not good for you to be along. THis tihng life yhea it;s called a battle ever day is strugle and listen i dont want you to do it alone adn you knwow ahti acutl wehn you to ahve another perosn to hlep oyu out. I got tihs i can do it on my wn, no no we cnat we cna not do it on our wonr. From perons experins and frineds nad everinth i have learnd that we all have a braking piont. we cna only hadnle so much. You know thos hangers you get from the dipartment stors. Yeah thos ones well ahve you ever bent one of thme beofr? Ok well if you ben on the sides you cna make it toch it;s self andit wont brake. But if you bend it down the midle it brakes in half so easly. WE all hav abrkaing piont we all have apiont ware we cant handle it any mroe. THats why it isnt good for man to be alone. We all need someoen there wether to listne to us, wipe ther tears, jsut give us a hug, or nock sens it to the stubern head we ahve on our sholders. It is not good for man to be alone cosue he isnt a super hero

A super hero saves the wordl comes in nad saves the day. Adn someof you might be saying ok if you are stink tellin my i cant be a super hero then who is one? See ther eis this dude i tlak aoubt him alot in thes gblogs, Yeah Aba, Yawah, Hosana, Holy Spirt, God, Jesus. OK now that is the sicest super hero ever. You cnata hve a better super power thne being omnipresint. Being the beign adn the end. You cant have better super pwoer thne creating the world. MAking the earth. You cant have a better super wwooer thne one that would sens a son to a place to save poelpw ho have consitnly spit in you;re face adn rturn there baks on you and iwll continu to do it. YOu cnat ahv e better supper powere then the Lov of God.

If you have ever seen Batman ether old school or new school or wht ever. YOu might knowaoubt the bat sing. It is pritty much this hug spot light the shnie in Gothum city when soemthing is going wrong adn they need batman. But what if ever tiem the btman sing turn on a normal humman showed up and siad i will save gothum city. I'll tell you what would happen bye bye gothum city. What if ever tiem the batman callujns sing went of some peron came in adn siad I got tihs Im asuper hero i cna hnadl it. Ill tel lyou the woudlg et laid out on the back with the vilin laugh in ther face. IF youhave ever seen the Incredible you will know whatim tlkaingaoubt. Buddy or increiboy is not a realy super hero but he so despritly wants to be one so what does he do he amkes hims self into one. And as a result theres a train creahc and an eveil guy gets away and this bad stuff jsut happens. So who is answer the batman sing in oyu're world? Arey ou goignto kepe bieng the priten super hero who couse trian reckes and get laid out o nther back with avilin laugh over thme. Or are you going ot let a real Super Hero do ther job? Who is answer the batmen call in you're city? You or God?

Monday, March 9, 2009

Distent, Father, Friend

So i have this on going thearie. And for thos of you who know me this might be were you turn away from the computer screen and stop listening. (or mabby that is just my dibate voice) I tihnk our faith depends on how we look at God. So far i found 4 ways to look at God. No if you dsigreey with me thne say so at the end of this blog. I tihnk though we can dived it into 4 groups. Andi thnik how we look at God can make alot of how we realt with God.

The frist one i base off of my Grandparints. I love my moms parents, they are strong Christne and i respect thme soe mcuh for it. How i tihnk they see God though is more of a distent figure larg and incharg. If were on a roda He is ahea d of you laying the path, the Bible is a book of rules. No pierces no tattos. I tihnk they take the Biblein a very strick kinda faith way. I resently read a book its called Inherit the Wind and it this is siad "Beocuse he was looking for God too high up and too far away" I tihnk the tihng is God isnt a distent God. It is sead theat the tabernalce closly resembled the ISrelits houses i itnhk God want s us to know im wright hear. God t's jstua God all aoubt rules adn stuff He loves us and cares for us. And God wants to be near to us I tihn kthe tihng is if we look at God like this we start trying to look for him to far up and start loosing some of the love He has.

The second way i think is how alot of people look at God now. Father, dad, daddy what ever other termy ou want ot use. We get this i boelve from the fact that that is how JEsus refrinces God quit often and it is brought up mulitlbe times in the Bible. A dad is some one who meany people look up to. Some people can tell story's about how there dad did this and this and they rember doing this and this with there dad. When you talk aoubvt dads we think of an athority figure. Girls someimtes think aoubt a dad to wlak thme down the iel on there weding day. Some people see soemone who has saported thme in what they wanted to do. Someone who has taght thme so much. I think this is why so meany people draw to seeing God as father. We oftne think of all the good, THe dad who when we were little picked us up cosue we scrapeed our knee the guy who vowed to protcet us. Adn we see Goid that way the one who pickes us up when we are hurt who holds us who si so sotnrg and loves us adn dosnt liek seieng us hurt. We see God as an athority figure someone to look up to. And for some God replaces the father gap they ahve wether they have never meat there dad, there dad died, their dad walked out, waht ever the case for some this fills a gap that they ahve and that is why. And if you see God as a Father power to you may God blesse you. The only thing is i itnhk there are a couple of draw bakcs to this one. My magger one is this. THere are some who looking at God as a father cna hinder ther realtionship with him. For some when the word father, dad is said they cring. When the word daddy crosses someones lips some are filled with pain. What ever reosn mabby there dad has let thme down, dipionted thme, walked out, hit them, abused them waht ever it is there are soemone who the word dad brings pain. And to say that God is you're dad hurts osme. The thing is to say God is you're dad for some birngs back horrible memteos adn they go idont want that God then couse the only thing they know aoubt dads is that they hurt people. Anfd thie tihng is his auther personaly feals God cna be clsoer then a dad. Admit it how meany of oyu tell you're dad ever thing? Yeah thats what i tohugh. The thing is God wants us to be completely transparent with Him. And perosnly i dont see that as meany people with there dad.

Ok number 3God as a best frined. This reosning can be jsutfiedd by How Jesus was with the dsicibles. For them he wansts soem guy sintg in heaveon he was there frineds someone to talk to some one to be with. The thing is i itnhk a best frined is kinda waht God is someitmes. He is wright there wehn you fall. Have you ever ahd one of thos nights ware you sut need ot tlak or cry or waht ever adn you foudn you';res eslf in a best frineds arms with them letingyou vent or cry or wahte ver oyu needed to do. That is waht God wants i tnhk he want sot be ther for us when we are crying and just end to tlak or vent or waht ever els. But also he wasnt to be ther when we hare ahving the most asum amsing day ever and you jsut cant wipe the smile of you're face. Totly complty transparint. I mean talk to all the time tell everithng to. I got tihs book its called Girl tlak with God. IT sia na asming book that i got for christmese and i loved it. But tihnk ti demonstrates this prity mcuh the book is jsut full of convesitions between God and a girl and it;s like tlakingto a firned a best frined. God i dontithnk whatnest o be way distne but wright her neer He wants oyu to tlak to Him to leanr aobut him like you learn aoubt a best frined. There are drwo backs to this one God is not on our levely He is a higher bieng but if you can keep that in mind by ahvineg this typr of relisont ship. A best firned someone might evne say lover relationsship then and rember that He is over you a God all mighted who created you thne that kidna of relisotnsihp totly works.

The last one is one i didnt think of. After tlakignto a friend about this theire or waht ever you want ot call it. She siad what aobut a mixture of all 3, THe POwer of the fsirt the stragt of the second adn he transperince of the 3. Waht if we put all 3 tegether and saw God. THere is no hummern word foris what is we call is ther hum WCGR the wiked cool God relaitonship. THe thing is we rely cnat comper this to any humman resotioship it only work with God and for some thay might be difcult. THis reltionship bineg the strogn pionts of all 3 of the other snad makes thme into one. A trlaiots tolty diffner then any hummen relaiontsihp unconberible.

See so i;ve siad all of tihs and soemof you mgiht be saying oh she thinks this one is the best. THe truth is none of them are the best. THe thing is we will all loook at God diffnretly. WE all see God diffrently. I tihnk that is the piont though God never said you have to look at me this way. I tihn God wants us to all loook at him in diffnret ways. I dont think there is a better way. I think the thing that has to be the pasis is that God is love . But the thing God is diffrnet for ever one ever one looks at Him diffnretly and ever one sees HIm diffnretly/ MAbby that is waht this divin creater was tring to od. So how do you look at God?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Not Fair?

So I've been avdinog wrighitng this. Im not sure why mabby im scared of waht ill find. OR mabby the wrods are hard for me to boleve. Im not sure but ether way im wrting it now. So mea nd you both will see ware this takes us.

So i have a couple of friends. And i talk to them a lot. My piont is i also get the pleaser and blessing of listenign to thme (yes i like listening to peopl oh ym lanta)Throguh hearing both of there testimonys i have touhg thats not fair. Some of my frineds have experinced things that they shouldn't have to go through. THey did nothnigh wrong this isnt there falt it's not fair. THey dont diserve this it isnt fair. Witch then bring up the qusiotn ware is God?

I have oftne yelled in into the darknes of ngiht yelling at God. Asking Him why? I have had people tell me thats not fair about me.One of the things i found screaming at Goda obut in past ahs been someitnhg called dyslexia. Yep im a proud LDer well not always so proud but that isnt the piont of this blog. For thos of you who dont know dyslexia is simpley idont spell or read well. Im in the 4th percental for speliing wich means if im in a room with 99 people im the 100 only 4 of them spell worse then me. (Oh that enplanes a lot no wonder i cant read you're blogs half the time) Adn I've gotten amda obut it. I mean i ahve two incredibly inteligent older sisters. And then there is me. And i got amd cosue i wentto a privet school and i never felt likei got the help i needed. WHY HAVE YOU CURSED ME LORD.

Jeremiah 29:11
"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." See the thing is Gods got a plane the reosn this is happening is coeus He ahs a plane. Now you tell an angrey 13 yearold that you wont get good roespons. So God wants me to hurt? Ok not exactly i tihnk im goignto pull out the big guns La Bible. (im very um idont knwowaht tonight) In John 9:1-7 it tlakes about a blind man. Adn back in the day if you were blind they hogh you had sinned or mama and daddy had sineed. So the disciples were like so Jesus who sineed? fill us in we want to know. Jesus beignt he cool dude he was said this “It was not because of his sins or his parents’ sins,” “This happened so the power of God could be seen in him." Ok run with me for a second you're the blind sitting there envedibley hearing all of this. If iwas him i would jump up and be like waht do oyu mean ever always told me it was cosue of me or my parints what? Do think he was hpapy or mad?

MArk Hall (lead singer of casting crown) His testimony is at the botoom of this blog so if you ever get the chance lsiten to it. Its amsing I love lisintg to it. (sorry i ptomis ill link al lthes waht seem like ransode though together at the end) "satin hits one of thos buts and reminds me here is a million reosn you arnt good unuf ot do that" "I sure could ahve used 2 Coriths 12 theres a duw name paul heard of him? Paul start telling this story that he has butons in the back of his head too. To keep me form beocne consced beoceu of thes serpation revolaiton there was given to me a thorn in my flash and fro 3 days ai begged the Lord to take this fomr me" A thorn in my flesh. A button. YOu knwo waht im tlakingaoubt the thing that scares you or the thing that hurts you that thing you hid fomr ever one. THe thing that you're mask hids. (diffrent post) the thing you hate the tihng you dont think is unfair.

Some be asking cool nice story what do with anything you're crazy? I wont diny the fact I'm crazy i actually like that. Hears what I'm getting at. Im dylsexic and all thos nights igot mad aobut it one timeit became clear to me. If i wasnt dyslexic i woudnt know waht it was like to walk into a room and know you dont fit in. To sit with a group of peolpe and feal alone coues you fell liek you don't belonge. I realsed that if iwasnt dylseic i wouldn't have been able to tell people oh yeha i cna realt oh i knwo what that is like. Becoeu there are things i have strugeeld with tihngs i hurt with things that iahte that ahve killed me i can say oh i know what that feals like adn icna give someone soem oen to tlakto who might udnernst some of what they are saying some one who can show thme hay you cna make it through.

Hears waht im getting at. God ahs got a plane He didnt jsut throguh this at you and say ok um i inthk this will be relay cool to wach you strugil with He has got a plane. He has aperpos for ever opsticals oyu ahve in you're life a reason for it. I don't know what it is man i wish i did. But He promised He deos. This is my palne for you;re life. IT might be so His glory can shine through us like the blind man. "This is for My glory" Soemtimse God does tihngs in our lives to show us who He is show us howe grate He is. Adn toe riemtd us lean on ME im hear I'll always be ehar. Someof us (like me) are well stubern adn seomties the only wa for God to get our atteins is with oseiithg big. And i knwo that some timse i need got to through someitnhg in my face befor ilisten. Hay dude you're blind so i may be glorfied today. Hay you're ehaurting tso oyu leanr to dipend on me. HAy i did this so oyu knwo i am hear nad i care and im never leavin you

And someitmes God gives us pution thorns in our fleshg to remind us hay you're humman you need me. guess what i wnat you, but you need me. We need God. I know we go through life oh yeha im Big MAn (Woman) on Campis i rosk. Yeah oyu know what you got nothing God got everinthg ndont you evne start that man. God can turn i human into a salt piller i ant seen none of you all do that lattle now i have i. THe thing is you guys we cnat do tihs on our won i tried it and you knwo wahti got fomr it a nice asfalt burn fomr wehni crashed and BURNEd. YOU ARE HUMAN. You cant do it on oyu're won. MAn Paul didnt do it on his own. What youithnk you cna? No one is perfect and mabby that is why. MAbby that is the answer it is impoerfectoion the tihngs that hurt and Go d awt s us to lean o n HIm dipend on HIm and the thing is YOU ARNT GOD so you cant od it on you're own. IT sjtu dosnt wokr that way

You know lifeisnt awlays goingot work the way we want it. but i have ehard a quot beofr this isnt verbatum but any way "When life kiskes you down to you're knees you are in the perfect position to pray" Someimtes we ahve be on our knees befor we listne to GOd. Sometimes God sees in the futer im moving you cosue you need this perosn and this person needs you. And someitmes maggy jsut ambby God is saying lean on Me. Im the Rock im the umbrala in the rain. THe friends that enver leaves. THe love you always feal. Im the blanket on the cold days Someitmes Life donst seem dair, but realy who ever siad it was? LIfe is goingot hurt my friend. Life might kill soemtimse but whare you gona turn. Gone lean on you;re own strangth? OR stay on you're knees to pray? Gone keep dipeon on falty love? OR the love that cratedyou? Life iwll never be fair if it was wel lthey would call it........

Monday, February 9, 2009

If you realy knew me you would know.....

I was at church last night (saprise saprise me at church waht?) Any way and my youth paster had doe a hcaling daya t a local Middle school. And He talked about how they were in circals and they went around and said IF you realy knew me you would know and fill in the blank And they had to talk for 2 minuets and how he was just amsed with it. And it got me thinkg (it's ok no need to call the scientis and say the erath has roted soemithn it wrong becosue Dani si thinking) why not us?

For thos of you who now me you would know that casting crowns is one of my facrite badns. And if you ddint know that before well congrats new fact of the day. They ahve a song stain glass masquerade. Now for thos of you who dont know a mascer is one of thos dances ware the put masks on so you cant see there face. (My friend actually told me that no I'm not that smart) There is a link incase oyu ahvnet herd the song befor. The song talkes aobut the fact that even in church we play of masks. We make our slef loook perect. Adn we hid all the pain in our lifes. YOu go to Church nad people look perfect familys loook perfect. We hid everthing that happend in the wekek in hope that we look like we should to the church. We pray for evr one els but if word of us hurting sleepps we freak.

So whats the problum? Oh theres a big one. 8th grades can go around a circal and share waht is hurting thme to people they see ever day mabbey evne to people who hurt them. They tlaked infornt of a man and sadi thies depe felllings infonrt of a man they didnt enve know. But thne us Chrsitans were sopost o be brothers and sisters adn yet look at us we play out a mask ever tiem we walk in that door to the churhc. Thes 8th gradesr a grasping concepts that are so Biblecal that we dont ahve in our churcges. THers a quot from mark hlals testimony it goes someinth like this " I dont know hwo we were so blessed, but groiwing up we wnet to the perfect churhc. No body sinned. I eman oyou owuld go to pratyer time and it woudl be about heatrts and lungs, nopoed suted after anything there wast unfrogivien in any ones heart" THere is an ongoing dases spreding through our churhc its sikingin at the core. THe seis is satin is riding us of a saport system placed in by God. SAtin is hitintg our churhc adn spreding a dises that is sikining. The more sikining part we let it happen.

Jesus well lets talk about this dude. He hung out with the lost of the low. He chilled with the lepers, he talked with tax collectors he hung with the fisher men. He talked with the the woman who no one talked to. He let a prostitute wash his feet. He hung with the dude who was latter going to betray Him. He knew it about all of them and cared about all of them. His love for them was over whelming. He cared about thes people so much and He didn't judge them. He cared.

So what happened to us? What changes us from caring nonjudgmental Jesus followers. To Christens who hide behind a mask scared of being judged by our "brothers" and "sisters". Like i said before with love we let the world in. We let world tell us you can't be vulnerable with any one you might get hurt. You don't want them knowing about that. They'll just judge you, they'll ell everyone one, they'll just walk out. We listen to the voices and let them tell us how to live. We stopped trusting we stop loving.

What if we stopped playing of the mask? What if we let someone in? What if we aloud our self to be transparent with someone who had the same boleves as us, who cared about us? What if we stopped letting the church be a place of hiding our sins and a place what sinners get together and rejoice in the fact that they get mercy from God. What if we stopped hiding and started letting us shine through? We all sin and yet we think we need to hide behind the makses. What if we Filled in the blank and told someone. What if we let some one know the deepest and biggest hurt in our life. Mabby it's time for change. Change in poelp, change in chrisnte mabby we cna start chaigne the church. Mabby it;s time that we fill in the blank and tell someone adn allow our self to lvoe one and othere and help eachother and opray for eacother ambby its time. If you realy knew me you would know.......

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I have found that my alst blog creatad some confuseinog and that my ideas wert expressed they way iwanted thme to be. This could ahve been becosue i have goet o schol thne dibated and i was dead tired but thtats bisiendeth piont iwould lveo to clarify thogh.

Wha tiahve heard is that i meak it sound like we cnaahve the same Love God gives to hummens adn we hcna express it to hummena.s THat isnwt what iwas tring to say at all. What iwas saiyng is God amde and creat this lvoe betweeen humans one that is selfeles love but the problum was we corupted it we took it and we messed with it and now we end up with this earthly love ith s love that is shalw and often bring us to more pain and missery thne it does anyitnhg els this earlthly lve that is the one that we see the flash backes of the pain in. What i msaiyng is that we can ibtain alove that God madee the one he realy wants us to have and the one that is the love that fills the need for humman to humne realtionships.

Um i ohpe ths calrified wahtiw as saying rleay ithnk we cna have the lvoe Paul tlkaesa aoubt in 1 Coithns 13 if we let God lead us in it and keep our eyes on him. I hope that calrifes

Friday, February 6, 2009

Fear in love Love in fear

Love for soem the words brings smiles for others the word brings tears ads still other the word bing pain and fear. All of us have experinsed lvoe at some piont intime the realy qsit is waht type. I have afnried who i meat jsut a few mothughs ago.Anda i have a nther frined who I have bne finreds iwth for 3 yers ago. My one finred i meat 3 years ago i say ilvoe oyu to. But my finred ameat this past year i havent said that ot her once. It's i odnt care aobut her i do. It's not she dont matter she does IT isnt that she isnt important to me she is. So what stops me? Why don't i? FEAR.

Love is something that has been coruupted ang changed so much. "I love you're shoes" And neve if we use love i nthe contesct of ahumen how long does it last? IF you're in idllde school a long resltship is 1 weewk in highs school a mouth or two. And in thos relationsihp I lveoy ou is said more itmes thnen cna be counted. (other things are shared to but that a blog fora diffrent day) And thne we are left with Broken hearts "He sad he loved me i though i meant it. Some of us have peront who say they lve us and then just hurt us. WE hear i lvoe you but to us it ahs bee ocme a corupt word ware when soemone says i love oyu flash backs of moments of pain ocme to mind. We tell frneds we lvoe them and then they leave and we find our self hurt and mroe lost thne befor. So what hpapend ot he word LOVE

"LOve is paitin, lvoe is kinda it dosnt not enve it dos not bost it is not proud it is not rude it is not self seeking lvoe keeps no recerd of wrong, Love dos not delight in eveil but rrejoces with the rtruth, it always protexcts always hopes always persevers" ! Corithians 13 is claled the love chapeter of the Bible. PAul spelles out love. He tells us waht love rleay is. Sow aht hpapend to that lvoe. Why has it chaged soe much? Humans thats why.

See Way bakc in the day of you're grate grate grate grate grat grate grate grate grgeate grate grate grate grate( conting 100 more itmS) grandad and dranmamy adam and Ev there was this pure hole love that existed. THis Love came ofmr God see Adam and Ev wore ocmepley dipendont on GOd and there reslaitonsihp ahd alvoe that was crazy redisucles. But as tiem went on we straid and iths lvoe that was shown started ot beomce corupt. This love meant less and less and was farther and farther fmort he love Paul discibes. Now peole say ilvoe you nad thne beat you peole say i lvoe you and thne they brake you're ehart. This love is not one that Paul dsicirebed we ahve chaged it so much ofmr waht it could do in that we ahve couseed the good emsit to become bad. Ane mesiot that was sopos to mean so much good now cosues fear adn pain. We stoped youisng the words to mean i care ofr you i dont wato hurt you if you ask for forgivine ill give it im not going to tlak aout on you im not goignot just leave im her for the long wrong weh noyu need me im hear I wiol br patin with you i wil be kinda im not goingot be jeslouse of you im going to care ofr oyu and be hear for you. Adnw e hcange itinto i like oyu if you do this and iths and i dont care if ihurt you. So wahta re we to do?

I choose to stop this earthly lvoe and Chosoe the love God wants. chisoe thnat wehn itell soe one i lvoe them i am thinking of 1 Corinthians 13 and that that isaht i eman. I hear by bledge that the peopl i say i lvoe you to are the people i truly care for and I pleadge that lvoe i give will be the type corm 1 Corinths 13. Irtunr my back on the worldly lvoe and rpay and hope to give the Love God intnede.

Fear of bieng hrut for saing i lvoe oyu iwll always be ther for me i dont. Love is scare to give couse yo uare ginv a pieace of you. But i pray that the lvoe i give with never be a scarey lvoe ot reseve adn that iwilll never force someone to love me but they will choose wehn they are read. LEt lvoe be a Godthing and onr aworldy thing and see what Godw ill use it for I fear in love but i Love in fear. Let this change

Thursday, January 29, 2009

THis blog and ME

So welcome to my blog. I'm the author of this blog. OR i guess you;e could call me the the scribe or write. The point is my post wont always make sens I'm not always sure of what is going up in that thing i call my mind. I guess this is ware I'm going to express thos ideas

This blog is going to be mainly about Christianity teenagers and other things along thos lines. I think generation have become apathetic in there faith and my generation (yeah I'm a teen. I think my generation is ether going to all of the sudden see what we are missing out or we are head for a down fall like no other. IF this is the generation that can concern rascisum more then any generation before us why cant we concern the bounders of faith. I think we to often look at Christianity being control by a God of rules when relay He is more a God of love. I think the generation that is rising now has the chance to change what this world is about. You dot have to be 20 or 30 or 50 to be a leader. Even if you are 20 30 or 50 you can be a leader. But even if you;re 13 15 18 you can be a leader now.

MEW and my best friend(no i don't spend my hole day at the computer) have been felling a call form God to start what we find no better word for then a minister. We hope that we can get this ministry Youth 2 of the ground b this summer. God never tells us um hay you have to wait till yo are 23 years old to change the world. No God calls people all the time. It doesn't matter you're age it doesn't matter what ever eels is going on He calls who He wants. IT doesn't matter you;re age God calls the young and the old.

So this blog ihope will beocme a place for peole to see jsut see that no matter how young or old no matter what God cna use you. Timouthy was not an old man but God used him Davied was not yet old when he deffeted Galeth. THes are only a few examples of teenagers young people who didnt lat the fiath be abethatic but aloud thme self to rise to the chalinge God set in front of them.

I guess I'm relay not sure what this blog will be about i don't know what will come of it and i don't know what will happen I guess i will just give faith in God and let Him take it ware He wants.