Monday, March 9, 2009

Distent, Father, Friend

So i have this on going thearie. And for thos of you who know me this might be were you turn away from the computer screen and stop listening. (or mabby that is just my dibate voice) I tihnk our faith depends on how we look at God. So far i found 4 ways to look at God. No if you dsigreey with me thne say so at the end of this blog. I tihnk though we can dived it into 4 groups. Andi thnik how we look at God can make alot of how we realt with God.

The frist one i base off of my Grandparints. I love my moms parents, they are strong Christne and i respect thme soe mcuh for it. How i tihnk they see God though is more of a distent figure larg and incharg. If were on a roda He is ahea d of you laying the path, the Bible is a book of rules. No pierces no tattos. I tihnk they take the Biblein a very strick kinda faith way. I resently read a book its called Inherit the Wind and it this is siad "Beocuse he was looking for God too high up and too far away" I tihnk the tihng is God isnt a distent God. It is sead theat the tabernalce closly resembled the ISrelits houses i itnhk God want s us to know im wright hear. God t's jstua God all aoubt rules adn stuff He loves us and cares for us. And God wants to be near to us I tihn kthe tihng is if we look at God like this we start trying to look for him to far up and start loosing some of the love He has.

The second way i think is how alot of people look at God now. Father, dad, daddy what ever other termy ou want ot use. We get this i boelve from the fact that that is how JEsus refrinces God quit often and it is brought up mulitlbe times in the Bible. A dad is some one who meany people look up to. Some people can tell story's about how there dad did this and this and they rember doing this and this with there dad. When you talk aoubvt dads we think of an athority figure. Girls someimtes think aoubt a dad to wlak thme down the iel on there weding day. Some people see soemone who has saported thme in what they wanted to do. Someone who has taght thme so much. I think this is why so meany people draw to seeing God as father. We oftne think of all the good, THe dad who when we were little picked us up cosue we scrapeed our knee the guy who vowed to protcet us. Adn we see Goid that way the one who pickes us up when we are hurt who holds us who si so sotnrg and loves us adn dosnt liek seieng us hurt. We see God as an athority figure someone to look up to. And for some God replaces the father gap they ahve wether they have never meat there dad, there dad died, their dad walked out, waht ever the case for some this fills a gap that they ahve and that is why. And if you see God as a Father power to you may God blesse you. The only thing is i itnhk there are a couple of draw bakcs to this one. My magger one is this. THere are some who looking at God as a father cna hinder ther realtionship with him. For some when the word father, dad is said they cring. When the word daddy crosses someones lips some are filled with pain. What ever reosn mabby there dad has let thme down, dipionted thme, walked out, hit them, abused them waht ever it is there are soemone who the word dad brings pain. And to say that God is you're dad hurts osme. The thing is to say God is you're dad for some birngs back horrible memteos adn they go idont want that God then couse the only thing they know aoubt dads is that they hurt people. Anfd thie tihng is his auther personaly feals God cna be clsoer then a dad. Admit it how meany of oyu tell you're dad ever thing? Yeah thats what i tohugh. The thing is God wants us to be completely transparent with Him. And perosnly i dont see that as meany people with there dad.

Ok number 3God as a best frined. This reosning can be jsutfiedd by How Jesus was with the dsicibles. For them he wansts soem guy sintg in heaveon he was there frineds someone to talk to some one to be with. The thing is i itnhk a best frined is kinda waht God is someitmes. He is wright there wehn you fall. Have you ever ahd one of thos nights ware you sut need ot tlak or cry or waht ever adn you foudn you';res eslf in a best frineds arms with them letingyou vent or cry or wahte ver oyu needed to do. That is waht God wants i tnhk he want sot be ther for us when we are crying and just end to tlak or vent or waht ever els. But also he wasnt to be ther when we hare ahving the most asum amsing day ever and you jsut cant wipe the smile of you're face. Totly complty transparint. I mean talk to all the time tell everithng to. I got tihs book its called Girl tlak with God. IT sia na asming book that i got for christmese and i loved it. But tihnk ti demonstrates this prity mcuh the book is jsut full of convesitions between God and a girl and it;s like tlakingto a firned a best frined. God i dontithnk whatnest o be way distne but wright her neer He wants oyu to tlak to Him to leanr aobut him like you learn aoubt a best frined. There are drwo backs to this one God is not on our levely He is a higher bieng but if you can keep that in mind by ahvineg this typr of relisont ship. A best firned someone might evne say lover relationsship then and rember that He is over you a God all mighted who created you thne that kidna of relisotnsihp totly works.

The last one is one i didnt think of. After tlakignto a friend about this theire or waht ever you want ot call it. She siad what aobut a mixture of all 3, THe POwer of the fsirt the stragt of the second adn he transperince of the 3. Waht if we put all 3 tegether and saw God. THere is no hummern word foris what is we call is ther hum WCGR the wiked cool God relaitonship. THe thing is we rely cnat comper this to any humman resotioship it only work with God and for some thay might be difcult. THis reltionship bineg the strogn pionts of all 3 of the other snad makes thme into one. A trlaiots tolty diffner then any hummen relaiontsihp unconberible.

See so i;ve siad all of tihs and soemof you mgiht be saying oh she thinks this one is the best. THe truth is none of them are the best. THe thing is we will all loook at God diffnretly. WE all see God diffrently. I tihnk that is the piont though God never said you have to look at me this way. I tihn God wants us to all loook at him in diffnret ways. I dont think there is a better way. I think the thing that has to be the pasis is that God is love . But the thing God is diffrnet for ever one ever one looks at Him diffnretly and ever one sees HIm diffnretly/ MAbby that is waht this divin creater was tring to od. So how do you look at God?