Friday, March 13, 2009

I Just want to be a Super Hero

Yes the cape, the tights and the fame and glory, the secret idenity. I jsut want ot be super hero. Batman, suber man, suber woman, spider man, gren lantern, x-men, wolvering, the justis leage, the incredible, i want to be a part of them. I want o saver the world and still be albe t go to work in the morning. I want to look perfect in an imprefect socity. I want to stop tdistruction nad pain fomr happing and only crumble to criptinit.

I was talking ot a finred otnight and i saide someinthg with out tihnking. (i know big shock tlkaing to afrined nad not tihnking wow) And i siad We all wanted to be a super Hero at soem piont in time or someitnhg like that who knows. Adn after i said it i tohugh aoubt it and it is so true. I have thi s joke if some one tells me to get sleep i say Some one has to savce to save the world and it's my night job. But how meany of us ahve made out slefs super Heros. Well i gues to answer the qusiton you're gona need to knwo waht i eman by a suber hero so lets talk (oh snap dani wants to talk)

THere are two types of super heros. THe first one is soemihn that i tinhk alout of us are have or will strugul with. THe god super hero. I was talking to a friend (Yes my mom dsiced to pay my fnireds this week how nice of her) and she was saying how we try to make a god out of our self. ADn my frined we do. How menay time has soemtinhg hgone well and you ahve gone ooooo i did that. OR oh man that was all me baby alll me. Hoew emant times have you bene ahvein a relay realy good day adn gone i got it going on i got it going on bo yaaaaaaa. Dude ill rase my hand man to meany stink times for em to count. We piont to our slefs when it is all goingogood and said i made it good i maid it. IM A SUPER HERO.

The second super hero. I can do it all. I dont ened any one. I cna do it all alone. I cna handle it all. I've got it. YOu knwo wahtim tlkaing aobut you know thos times you took on to much. THos tiems that you dined help when all you need was it. THe itme you put on that amks and told ever oen that you were perfect beocen hay im a super Hero i dont need any one. I'm storng unuf i cna do it i can do it on my onw. How meany of you ahve ben ther how meany of you have done that. HAy im rasin my hadn. Ican handle the wait of the world all on my own I mena I AM A SUPER HERO.

Ifyou jump of a building you will fall to the ground. IF you try to kech an astrod falling to the erath you iwll die. IF you try to ru nacross water you will sink. IF you try ot cluimp up a walll i hope you like scraps and cuts on you're self/ IF you try to take on a trin so it ownt go of the trak wall the trian will win. IF you try to pick up a tree im sorry you cnat. If you try to fly you';re feet will hit the ground quickly after. If you try to use x-ray viosion well people are going to ask why you are staring at them. MY FRIEND YOU ARNT A SUPER HERO. I'll let you in on a secret no humman is a super hero.

Lets tlakaoubt the first super hero the humman god super hero. If oyu are god thne ther is no god befor you so that means that you are all powerful that you are all might you are the highest bieng. OK so what hpapens when life stinks on ice its on you. What hpapens wehn you ahd the worstr day ever forget stuff at hoe get spedding ticket and then burn dinner thats on you. Woops you let a sware word out at a techer that on oyu. If you are taking credit forth egood be ready to tkae credit for the bad. I got a quisont you go stnad at the top of a hill or mountin that over looks anytihng did you make that? Now listn the earth if it was jsuta few miles closer to the sun would be inahabbitable to life did you do that? No. Humans we are scared to death to dipend on anyone or anything els. You want toknow why people ares scerd of hight cosue htey are scared of fallin it's not hights any one is scared of it's the fact the could fall. You garinty there saftey 100 they wont be scared, but we dont trsut eachother unuf to think our safty will be garinted. If we are god thne hay i dont ahve to dipendon any one and if someinthg goes good sweat its on me. Listen listne close we arnt God, were nothing compared to him. You rember when you were realy little and a thunderstorm woke you up at night, im not tlaking little thunderstorms im tlaking like with hail adn this is like tornado allie thunderstors big bad boooming thunder lighting ever 5 secons hail the big storm, yeha you rember being scared of that. Ok now tell me you ithnk you are bigger thne the God who control that storm.Oh ok thats totly logical. Ok im not the smartest perosn in the world, but hello hwat in the stinkin world are you think. THere is a dude, God up ther contorling that storm nad we have the guts the adasty to say i am god. What are we think?

Ok let tlakaoubt tihs. I cna do it all on my own, i got it i got it. Ok so i was in 7th grade im wlaking down the hall way jsut talkin with a frined all of the sudden im laying flat on my back note books scaderd ever ware. A 8th grader and slammed into as he was running as iquikcly gather all my stuff an uper class men a senore offer se his hadn. But i got iths i didnt take the hadn i didnt tkae the help. I got tihs I Can do tihs "IT is not good for man to be alone" God said that God ther creter of the univers siad it is not good for you to be along. THis tihng life yhea it;s called a battle ever day is strugle and listen i dont want you to do it alone adn you knwow ahti acutl wehn you to ahve another perosn to hlep oyu out. I got tihs i can do it on my wn, no no we cnat we cna not do it on our wonr. From perons experins and frineds nad everinth i have learnd that we all have a braking piont. we cna only hadnle so much. You know thos hangers you get from the dipartment stors. Yeah thos ones well ahve you ever bent one of thme beofr? Ok well if you ben on the sides you cna make it toch it;s self andit wont brake. But if you bend it down the midle it brakes in half so easly. WE all hav abrkaing piont we all have apiont ware we cant handle it any mroe. THats why it isnt good for man to be alone. We all need someoen there wether to listne to us, wipe ther tears, jsut give us a hug, or nock sens it to the stubern head we ahve on our sholders. It is not good for man to be alone cosue he isnt a super hero

A super hero saves the wordl comes in nad saves the day. Adn someof you might be saying ok if you are stink tellin my i cant be a super hero then who is one? See ther eis this dude i tlak aoubt him alot in thes gblogs, Yeah Aba, Yawah, Hosana, Holy Spirt, God, Jesus. OK now that is the sicest super hero ever. You cnata hve a better super power thne being omnipresint. Being the beign adn the end. You cant have better super pwoer thne creating the world. MAking the earth. You cant have a better super wwooer thne one that would sens a son to a place to save poelpw ho have consitnly spit in you;re face adn rturn there baks on you and iwll continu to do it. YOu cnat ahv e better supper powere then the Lov of God.

If you have ever seen Batman ether old school or new school or wht ever. YOu might knowaoubt the bat sing. It is pritty much this hug spot light the shnie in Gothum city when soemthing is going wrong adn they need batman. But what if ever tiem the btman sing turn on a normal humman showed up and siad i will save gothum city. I'll tell you what would happen bye bye gothum city. What if ever tiem the batman callujns sing went of some peron came in adn siad I got tihs Im asuper hero i cna hnadl it. Ill tel lyou the woudlg et laid out on the back with the vilin laugh in ther face. IF youhave ever seen the Incredible you will know whatim tlkaingaoubt. Buddy or increiboy is not a realy super hero but he so despritly wants to be one so what does he do he amkes hims self into one. And as a result theres a train creahc and an eveil guy gets away and this bad stuff jsut happens. So who is answer the batman sing in oyu're world? Arey ou goignto kepe bieng the priten super hero who couse trian reckes and get laid out o nther back with avilin laugh over thme. Or are you going ot let a real Super Hero do ther job? Who is answer the batmen call in you're city? You or God?