Friday, February 6, 2009

Fear in love Love in fear

Love for soem the words brings smiles for others the word brings tears ads still other the word bing pain and fear. All of us have experinsed lvoe at some piont intime the realy qsit is waht type. I have afnried who i meat jsut a few mothughs ago.Anda i have a nther frined who I have bne finreds iwth for 3 yers ago. My one finred i meat 3 years ago i say ilvoe oyu to. But my finred ameat this past year i havent said that ot her once. It's i odnt care aobut her i do. It's not she dont matter she does IT isnt that she isnt important to me she is. So what stops me? Why don't i? FEAR.

Love is something that has been coruupted ang changed so much. "I love you're shoes" And neve if we use love i nthe contesct of ahumen how long does it last? IF you're in idllde school a long resltship is 1 weewk in highs school a mouth or two. And in thos relationsihp I lveoy ou is said more itmes thnen cna be counted. (other things are shared to but that a blog fora diffrent day) And thne we are left with Broken hearts "He sad he loved me i though i meant it. Some of us have peront who say they lve us and then just hurt us. WE hear i lvoe you but to us it ahs bee ocme a corupt word ware when soemone says i love oyu flash backs of moments of pain ocme to mind. We tell frneds we lvoe them and then they leave and we find our self hurt and mroe lost thne befor. So what hpapend ot he word LOVE

"LOve is paitin, lvoe is kinda it dosnt not enve it dos not bost it is not proud it is not rude it is not self seeking lvoe keeps no recerd of wrong, Love dos not delight in eveil but rrejoces with the rtruth, it always protexcts always hopes always persevers" ! Corithians 13 is claled the love chapeter of the Bible. PAul spelles out love. He tells us waht love rleay is. Sow aht hpapend to that lvoe. Why has it chaged soe much? Humans thats why.

See Way bakc in the day of you're grate grate grate grate grat grate grate grate grgeate grate grate grate grate( conting 100 more itmS) grandad and dranmamy adam and Ev there was this pure hole love that existed. THis Love came ofmr God see Adam and Ev wore ocmepley dipendont on GOd and there reslaitonsihp ahd alvoe that was crazy redisucles. But as tiem went on we straid and iths lvoe that was shown started ot beomce corupt. This love meant less and less and was farther and farther fmort he love Paul discibes. Now peole say ilvoe you nad thne beat you peole say i lvoe you and thne they brake you're ehart. This love is not one that Paul dsicirebed we ahve chaged it so much ofmr waht it could do in that we ahve couseed the good emsit to become bad. Ane mesiot that was sopos to mean so much good now cosues fear adn pain. We stoped youisng the words to mean i care ofr you i dont wato hurt you if you ask for forgivine ill give it im not going to tlak aout on you im not goignot just leave im her for the long wrong weh noyu need me im hear I wiol br patin with you i wil be kinda im not goingot be jeslouse of you im going to care ofr oyu and be hear for you. Adnw e hcange itinto i like oyu if you do this and iths and i dont care if ihurt you. So wahta re we to do?

I choose to stop this earthly lvoe and Chosoe the love God wants. chisoe thnat wehn itell soe one i lvoe them i am thinking of 1 Corinthians 13 and that that isaht i eman. I hear by bledge that the peopl i say i lvoe you to are the people i truly care for and I pleadge that lvoe i give will be the type corm 1 Corinths 13. Irtunr my back on the worldly lvoe and rpay and hope to give the Love God intnede.

Fear of bieng hrut for saing i lvoe oyu iwll always be ther for me i dont. Love is scare to give couse yo uare ginv a pieace of you. But i pray that the lvoe i give with never be a scarey lvoe ot reseve adn that iwilll never force someone to love me but they will choose wehn they are read. LEt lvoe be a Godthing and onr aworldy thing and see what Godw ill use it for I fear in love but i Love in fear. Let this change


Kate said...

I think that your blog is good, but I want you to know that you need to be careful of how you relate human love to God's love. It is impossible for a human to love with the love of God. Agapa is a greek word that comes from God and only God. It's unconiditional and no human can love that way. Because we are sinful, we cannot love with that kind of love. Just be aware that it does sound like you are going to be perfect and love perfectly, which is impossible, due to sin in the world. It's great that you long to strive to love the love of God, and make that a goal, but do realize, it's impossible.
I love you.