Thursday, January 29, 2009

THis blog and ME

So welcome to my blog. I'm the author of this blog. OR i guess you;e could call me the the scribe or write. The point is my post wont always make sens I'm not always sure of what is going up in that thing i call my mind. I guess this is ware I'm going to express thos ideas

This blog is going to be mainly about Christianity teenagers and other things along thos lines. I think generation have become apathetic in there faith and my generation (yeah I'm a teen. I think my generation is ether going to all of the sudden see what we are missing out or we are head for a down fall like no other. IF this is the generation that can concern rascisum more then any generation before us why cant we concern the bounders of faith. I think we to often look at Christianity being control by a God of rules when relay He is more a God of love. I think the generation that is rising now has the chance to change what this world is about. You dot have to be 20 or 30 or 50 to be a leader. Even if you are 20 30 or 50 you can be a leader. But even if you;re 13 15 18 you can be a leader now.

MEW and my best friend(no i don't spend my hole day at the computer) have been felling a call form God to start what we find no better word for then a minister. We hope that we can get this ministry Youth 2 of the ground b this summer. God never tells us um hay you have to wait till yo are 23 years old to change the world. No God calls people all the time. It doesn't matter you're age it doesn't matter what ever eels is going on He calls who He wants. IT doesn't matter you;re age God calls the young and the old.

So this blog ihope will beocme a place for peole to see jsut see that no matter how young or old no matter what God cna use you. Timouthy was not an old man but God used him Davied was not yet old when he deffeted Galeth. THes are only a few examples of teenagers young people who didnt lat the fiath be abethatic but aloud thme self to rise to the chalinge God set in front of them.

I guess I'm relay not sure what this blog will be about i don't know what will come of it and i don't know what will happen I guess i will just give faith in God and let Him take it ware He wants.