Monday, February 9, 2009

If you realy knew me you would know.....

I was at church last night (saprise saprise me at church waht?) Any way and my youth paster had doe a hcaling daya t a local Middle school. And He talked about how they were in circals and they went around and said IF you realy knew me you would know and fill in the blank And they had to talk for 2 minuets and how he was just amsed with it. And it got me thinkg (it's ok no need to call the scientis and say the erath has roted soemithn it wrong becosue Dani si thinking) why not us?

For thos of you who now me you would know that casting crowns is one of my facrite badns. And if you ddint know that before well congrats new fact of the day. They ahve a song stain glass masquerade. Now for thos of you who dont know a mascer is one of thos dances ware the put masks on so you cant see there face. (My friend actually told me that no I'm not that smart) There is a link incase oyu ahvnet herd the song befor. The song talkes aobut the fact that even in church we play of masks. We make our slef loook perect. Adn we hid all the pain in our lifes. YOu go to Church nad people look perfect familys loook perfect. We hid everthing that happend in the wekek in hope that we look like we should to the church. We pray for evr one els but if word of us hurting sleepps we freak.

So whats the problum? Oh theres a big one. 8th grades can go around a circal and share waht is hurting thme to people they see ever day mabbey evne to people who hurt them. They tlaked infornt of a man and sadi thies depe felllings infonrt of a man they didnt enve know. But thne us Chrsitans were sopost o be brothers and sisters adn yet look at us we play out a mask ever tiem we walk in that door to the churhc. Thes 8th gradesr a grasping concepts that are so Biblecal that we dont ahve in our churcges. THers a quot from mark hlals testimony it goes someinth like this " I dont know hwo we were so blessed, but groiwing up we wnet to the perfect churhc. No body sinned. I eman oyou owuld go to pratyer time and it woudl be about heatrts and lungs, nopoed suted after anything there wast unfrogivien in any ones heart" THere is an ongoing dases spreding through our churhc its sikingin at the core. THe seis is satin is riding us of a saport system placed in by God. SAtin is hitintg our churhc adn spreding a dises that is sikining. The more sikining part we let it happen.

Jesus well lets talk about this dude. He hung out with the lost of the low. He chilled with the lepers, he talked with tax collectors he hung with the fisher men. He talked with the the woman who no one talked to. He let a prostitute wash his feet. He hung with the dude who was latter going to betray Him. He knew it about all of them and cared about all of them. His love for them was over whelming. He cared about thes people so much and He didn't judge them. He cared.

So what happened to us? What changes us from caring nonjudgmental Jesus followers. To Christens who hide behind a mask scared of being judged by our "brothers" and "sisters". Like i said before with love we let the world in. We let world tell us you can't be vulnerable with any one you might get hurt. You don't want them knowing about that. They'll just judge you, they'll ell everyone one, they'll just walk out. We listen to the voices and let them tell us how to live. We stopped trusting we stop loving.

What if we stopped playing of the mask? What if we let someone in? What if we aloud our self to be transparent with someone who had the same boleves as us, who cared about us? What if we stopped letting the church be a place of hiding our sins and a place what sinners get together and rejoice in the fact that they get mercy from God. What if we stopped hiding and started letting us shine through? We all sin and yet we think we need to hide behind the makses. What if we Filled in the blank and told someone. What if we let some one know the deepest and biggest hurt in our life. Mabby it's time for change. Change in poelp, change in chrisnte mabby we cna start chaigne the church. Mabby it;s time that we fill in the blank and tell someone adn allow our self to lvoe one and othere and help eachother and opray for eacother ambby its time. If you realy knew me you would know.......


Kelsey Lantz said...

so sad but so true Dani. It's incredible how Christians can put on masks even more so than the rest of the world because there is this pressure to be perfect. Thats not what it is supposed to be...we need to share our stories and what is going on in our lives...its called fellowship and we were created to be social beings to stand by each other in hard times...but we can't do that very well when we aren't being real huh? Good good thoughts kid thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

You are amazing and I am so proud of you!