Monday, August 17, 2009

Shamls Worship

When i was in middle school i ended up (ok my youth paster dragged me into) playing for are youth group band. IT was an asum experinse that ill never forget. I got to play infront of a Winter Camp, i got to play on wesdays and sundays, and alsp got multible optunitys to play infront of the big churhc. THe thing ill rember tohugh more thne that is Reda.

Reda is a girl who is in my little sister grade. A family in the church had adopted her fomr Russia. REda is a sweat heart seh loves and cared. She always has energy she loves dogs.I rember one time are youth pasters wife was reconginsing peope for things she admired in them. And i odnt rember what she said aobut Reda i boelve it was osemitnhg to do with REda could always put a smile on you;re face or someinth likethat. But i rembmer Reda jsut crying. She wasnt ashemed. Reda is also saverly autistic. But ther is soemithng she has i waish i had.

So ever wesday we would get up ther and play musice what ever Aaron had piked out. No matter what was going on thoug there was someihtng that was always garinted it was Reda standingt her and she woudnt dace but she would sway fomr side to side so mithotic almost hipnoticley (is that a word?) IT didnt matter who was standing around her it didnt matter whare she was stadnig she would always sway. She would shamlisley worship God. She was never scared of answer a qustion infront of the group or anything like that. She was shamless in her worship for God.

You know there are people in the Bible who were shamess in ther worship. Daniel neer stoped praying evne when it was out lawed and he was thorugh in a Lions dean He SHAMLESSLEY prayed to God. He didnt care who heard he was SHAMLESS. Me shak rad shak and abendigo (atlest thos are ther names or the veggie tale version of ther names) were SHAMLESS In worshiping God by diney idels. THey resuded to bow donw adn didnt care who new. THe SHAMLESLEY gave them selfs to God and wroshiped sHAMLESSLEy

Some of me wonder waht would happen if we SHAMLESSLEY worshiped. Sitting infront of big churhc adn playing my guitars it funny to see people worship some are so scred and other are putting it all out there. I woudner what i churhc owudl be like that woudnt care wether stood or sat or neald or anythin. I wounder if that the churhc whare God s wil nca trule be done. I tihnk to surender outr slefs to God we need to shamlessley worship we need to not care what peope think when we get doen with God and start crying. Whne we starting rasing our hand s upove our heads cosue we have this undinaiable diser to love God. What if we dancer os swaid in the eles becoeus when we felt close to God. I tihnk the wrold distracts us far to much fomr God and we have alourd it to even controml our owrishp cosue we hace the selfish diserv of looking good infonrt of our finrds oure pers (please dont tel me im alone in this) MAbby its time that chenges and we shemlesley start to worship

I will never forget REda nad i also wil never forget waht are musice directer PAstor Ann once said befor we went outnon stage. "You arnt playing for thme youre not playing ofr the people out ther you're playing for God and him alone" What if worship was no lgoer aoubt looking good looking all to geth or loking like we were close to God waht if it was aobut getting clsoe to God and not careing what any one and ever one though of us mabby its time for SHAMLESS WRORSHIP